About me

Best projects

Since 2013: Publicis Sapient employed for ESA (European Space Agency)
2009: Luci D’Artista. Virtual Panoramas
2005: Consultancy for ESA, European Space Agency
2002: Dolcenera. official website
2001: Salernum. Multimedia cd-rom


2022: Marina D’Arechi Booking Control (PHP + MySql + CSS + HTML 5)
2021: SCT Customer area (PHP + MySql + CSS + HTML 5)
2020: SCT Truck Control (PHP + MySql + CSS + HTML 4 + Android coding)
2019: Gallozzi Shipping Container Control (PHP + MySql + CSS + HTML 4)
2018: Customised CMS (ASP + MySql + CSS + HTML 4)
2017: Vopimanager
(ASP + MySql + CSS + HTML 4)

My name is Marco Civita and I was born in Salerno, Italy on the 19th November 1975.
Since more then 20 years I’m oriented to the digital world and in particular to the video post production, animations but also to the software development.
I can say that i am a mix between a multimedia designer and a web developer.


1995: High school (languages)
1997: Multimedia diploma for the Public administration and Gov. (SA-CEE)

Personal skills and competences

Multimedia designer for clients such ESA (European Space Agency), SCT (Salerno Container Terminal), FTT (FernTowerTrading), Comune di Salerno, Carpino srl, Copas Bv, IponGroup, Vectorpts Ltd, Esoware Bv, Liceo Tasso Salerno, GF Logistics, Gallozzi Group, Solcem, Portolan Maritime, ANT Logistics, Jol Consultancy BV, Tin, RNS, ecc…

Graphic&Multimedia tools:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, After effects, Audition, Dreamweaver)
  • Quark Xpress
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Cinema 4D

Coding skills:

  • IIS, Windows and Macintosh OS X
  • Android APP Development

General expertise:

  • Design and editing for web site and web portal Design and editing for multimedia projects
  • Real time audio-video editing Post-production audio editing
  • Video chromakey editing
  • Web video compressions
  • Web video creations (camera and editing)
  • Flash designer e server-side control animations and Flash action script programming
  • After Effects script event generations (control of the movie)
  • Video streaming
  • 3D modelling and video implementation
  • Virtual Panoramas 360°
  • Corporate design and print process: Brochure, press adv, banners